3 Types of Bike Racks

Owning a bicycle offers several benefits. In some cities, a bicycle is the best form of transportation. It helps you arrive at your destination without sitting in hours of congested traffic. Traveling by bike is also environmentally-friendly. You can go through areas usually restricted to cars, and when on vacation, it can help you get a view otherwise unreachable by vehicles. When your bike is not in use, it is best to store it in a safe place, and if you transport it for travel, a place where it can be attached to your auto like a Recumbent Trike Bike Rack.

Here are three types of bike racks to consider.

Trike Racks

Sometimes, you have to travel to a destination by vehicle, and when you arrive at your destination, you will use your bicycle or trike. Most bicycles, and especially trikes, do not fit in the trunk of a car, so racks comes in handy. A trike rack attaches to the back of your auto. A few variations exist to accommodate most car models. It can fit one or two. Many current rack version are a result of years of customer feedback and other research. They include installation directions as well as loading.

Tandem Racks

When you transport your bicycle on top or behind your car, safety is a priority. Tandem bike racks are designed to hold the bike in a vertical position. It allows for up to two bicycles of different sizes. Instructions for attaching to your vehicle and loading are readily are included.

Recumbent Racks

A recumbent rack adjusts to any wheelbase. It fits up to two bikes of two different sizes. When you replace a bicycle, you do not need to purchase a new Recumbent Trike Bike Rack. You simply have to adjust the existing to fit.

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