Why do Athletes always Thank God?

by | Apr 3, 2014 | Books

Have you ever wondered why athletes always seem to thank God when they have accomplished something particularly spectacular? Master Prophet Bernard Jordan believes this is because through their faith they are able to accomplish greatness.

Faith can provide you with the ability to tap into your talents and use them to produce extraordinary results. When you believe in God’s love you are better able to find goodness in yourself. Many athletes are devout Christians and they have a strong connection to God. Perhaps one of the most important lessons we can learn from professional athletes is their endless capacity to be grateful for their gifts. This is something many of us forget in our prayers. Instead we stay focused on asking God for more instead of thanking him for the bounty he has already provided.

When an athlete is able to set their sights on winning they are focused on their own performance as well as the good of the team and even their fans. They go into the game with a profound belief that God is on their side and will assist them in digging deep to find their strength to do well. Faith is a gift that allows you to achieve great things as faith does not just exist in God, but with faith you also believe in yourself.

There is also an aspect of humbleness in professional athletes. They know that they are where they are today thanks to God’s gift to them. God provides each one of us with a talent and those of us who are smart enough to share them and use them in God’s name reap the rewards. Do not doubt that God has given you a gift. Master Prophet Bernard Jordan has a gift he uses everyday sharing biblical, Christian and personal prophecies with God’s children. Others are writers while still others are musicians. Some people use their minds to create advances in technology and medical research, while others are teachers or nurses. Each one of these people have tuned into their gift and followed their calling thanks to God.

Gratefulness is a very important aspect of an athlete’s success and it is important to always acknowledge the gifts God has given you before you kneel to pray and begin asking for more.

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