Benefits of Above Ground Pool Filters

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Filtration is an important mechanism that will clear your swimming pool from the debris and other particulate matter that may build up after exposure to the atmosphere. Filtering technology focuses on finding the right measures to combine suction with the ability of maintaining your pool’s cleanliness at all times. There are many pool filter system methods that you should consider, especially should you wish to maintain that pristine pool you’ve always enjoyed. These filter systems carry the goal of maintaining efficiency, dependability, and value for your pool condition. Here is the information on each filter system.

Diatomaceous Earth Filter Systems

Categorized as one of the most effective above ground pool filters in the industry, the diatomaceous earth filter systems focus on removing very microscopic particles that other filters couldn’t. Particles as small as 1-3 microns are trapped by the filters through a powder that supports the filtration. This powder, when under a microscope, resembles tiny sponges, which add to its absorbing power. This results in a very clean pool where even the minute particles are removed.

Cartridge Filter Systems

Second in filtering power to the diatomaceous earth systems, these above ground pool filters focus on remove twice as much as sand as compared to others of lower performance. The cartridge collects the sand, but must be cleaned on a normal basis to maintain its filtering power. These filters utilizes screen technology to trap the particles while water is being filtered out. They are also cheaper than the diatomaceous earth filter systems.

Sand Filter Systems

The last above ground pool filters are the sand-based, which have the lowest filtration power, but the cheapest in cost. These popular filters utilize a top-to-bottom filtration flow that cleanses the water from impurities. These filters must be cleaned regularly to avoid clogging. These systems are known as the oldest and most popular because of how easy it can be installed and how cheap it is, but it doesn’t filter as well as the diatomaceous earth and cartridge filter systems.

When choosing the right filter systems for your pool, consider how often it builds up debris. You could do fine with a sand-based filter if dirt is minimal. However, for frequently dirty pools, a diatomaceous earth filter system would work perfectly.

Ensure that your swimming pool is filtered from the debris and other build-up that can occur after long periods of time. When you check out the website, you will definitely find the above ground pool filters that fit your pool design and size.

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