Biblical Prophecies That Came True

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The bible has shown remarkable accuracy when it comes to prophecies throughout history. It has predicted some of the most unlikely and catastrophic events, yet it is those who followed God that were shown ultimate salvation. These prophets of history have paved the way for modern day prophets, strengthening their faith in God and allowing them to continue their work for years to come. Below you’ll find the prophecies that have been fulfilled in history.

Isaiah and the Medo Persian Uprising

Predicted in 732BC, Isaiah predicted that the Medo-Persian Empire would defeat and conquer Babylon.  He also predicted that Babylon would become a complete wasteland, and that the Seleucids would force all the inhabitants to leave. This prophecy came true with word for word accuracy.

Ezekiel and the fall of Tyre

In 589BC, Ezekiel predicted the fall of the great city Tyre. He stated that the Lord would cause many nations to rebel against him and the city, and in 370BC the king of Cyprus took siege and conquered Tyre.

Daniel and the Great Grecian King

In 543BC, Daniel states that a great Grecian King would conquer the Persian Empire. He also goes on to say that the kingdom would be divided four ways after his death. The Greek generals who succeeded Alexander the Great came to an agreement after years of war that the kingdom would be split four ways.

Isaiah and Egypt

Predicted in 732BC, Isaiah mentions that Egypt and Ethiopia would both be conquered by Assyria. This prophecy came true in 673 when Assyria conquered the northeast African nations.

Jeremiah and 70 Years of Captivity

Another example prophecy would be when Jeremiah predicted the fall of Israel 70 years before it happened. He predicted that Israel would be taken over by the Babylonians, for a total of 70 years. In 721 BC, the Assyrians conquered northern kingdom of Israel, commencing its downfall.

As you can see, the bible has shown outstanding accuracy in both predictions and historic proof. Bishop Bernard E Jordan is just one example of a modern day prophet who can also commute with God to hear his wishes. Just like Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezekiel and Daniel, he has the power to foresee the future through the path of God.

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