Why Buy Tactical Spring Assisted Knives?

by | Mar 1, 2018 | Shopping

Spring-loaded knives are knives that open by the function of a spring, either by the press of a button or by putting pressure on the thumb tab. Over the years, these knives have fought a few legal battles but it has been mostly agreed upon that they are incredibly useful in a variety of different situations and jobs.

Applications for Spring-Loaded Knives

Knives are universally useful in professional settings and for civilian use. Tactical spring assisted knives typically fold and have clips and locks for added safety and convenience. Though tactical knives have been traditionally used for combat situations, the nature of a spring-loaded knife makes it useful in all of the following situations:

  • Military
  • Combat
  • Emergency
  • Everyday use

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Emergency Use

Having a strong knife on hand can be extremely convenient in emergency situations. Emergency responders such as police officers and firefighters could frequently derive great use out of tactical spring assisted knives. For example, if somebody was trapped in a vehicle, these knives can cut seatbelts, which you can do whether or not you are a civilian.

In any case, tactical spring assisted knives are more practical for urban environments.

Knife Safety

While tactical spring assisted knives typically fold or retract into the handle, it is still important that you practice proper safety techniques regarding your knife, especially if your job involves the use of knives or if you plan on having it around other people.

Knives can be useful in a number of different daily activities or if you find yourself in an emergency or a dangerous situation but always practice the safe use of your knife and also double-check laws in your area to ensure that you are within the legal limits.

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