Get Creative with Cake Pops

In addition to being convenient and easy to eat, foods on sticks are pretty delicious– and quite trendy right now, according to New York University’s Washington Square News. Ice pops, kebabs, corn dogs… you get the idea. But frozen sweets aren’t the only dessert on a stick anymore. Cake pops are bite-sized, fun, and completely customizable. They’re great for parties and gifts and enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

Endless Flavor Possibilities

Cake pop are made by combining a baked cake with fresh frosting. The two are mixed, and the resulting mix is not only delicious but has a consistency that keeps the pops together once they’re rolled into balls. You can experiment with various flavor combinations and mix any cake with any frosting. Chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting is a great example of a winning flavor combo.

Let Out Your Artistic Side

Cake pop components are customizable, right down to the lollipop sticks. N.Y. Cake offers a full range of fun cake pop supplies, from molds in different shapes and themes to colorfully-patterned lollipop sticks. Regardless of why you’re baking, you’ll always be able to find just the right unique touches for your batch of cake pops.

Great for Any Occasion

Since cake pops are so very customizable, you can prepare them for almost any occasion. Children’s birthday parties might come to mind first, being that they’re small, portable portions that are fun to eat. But cake pops are for adults, too! Serving elegantly displayed cake pops at a birthday, cocktail hour, or wedding adds a fun and delicious touch and makes cake easy for your guests to eat while walking around and socializing. Cake pops can be frosted and decorated to fit color schemes and event themes. You can even give out individually wrapped cake pops as party favors to your guests.

Traditional cakes aren’t a thing of the past, but they’re indeed evolving. Cake pops are a fun next step in the world of creative baking.

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