Get Creative with Wine Barrel as Planters

by | Aug 13, 2014 | Food

Here at, we love it when our customers get creative. Wine barrel planters are a great way for wine makers, as well as anyone else, to add to character and style to their landscape and incorporate the tools of wine making into their property.

We carry a range of oak barrel sizes, ideal for small spaces and extensive gardens. While a three gallon barrel might be perfect for a small plant, a giant 59 gallon barrel is perfect for cutting in half and using twice. Alternatively, use a large wine barrel planter for a deeply rooted plant or even a small tree. No matter what you do, the oak large wine barrel planters from Harvest Express will bring that certain something to your interior or yard.

For many of our customers, their old wine aging barrels do not have much use in the cellar. However, that’s no reason to throw them away, and they’re far too nice to burn as firewood. Flowers and other plants are always a fine addition to one’s property, and why not use a vacant wine barrel? Especially if you have a vineyard, wine barrels will complement your overall look and feel. Additionally, save yourself the cost of new planters, and reduce your burden on the planet.

Take a look around our website’s page of wine barrels. Depending on the kind of plant you’ll be putting in the container, consider the size, variety, grain and age of the barrel’s oak. While this might be of less importance than it is with wine aging, it’s nonetheless something to take into account. Harvest Express is proud to sell North American oak barrels.

Your options for using wine barrel planters are endless. If you choose to make them a staple of your décor, take it beyond planters and use the barrels for storage. Get creative and place them in spots where people could use a small table, or to separate areas of a patio or garden. Stack them in interesting ways to make works of art, or roll them on their sides. Further, there’s no rule that wine barrel planters need to stand upright. Divide a barrel in half lengthwise for two boat-type planters for something a little different.

Our staff loves to help everyone use our products to their utmost potential. Get in touch with us through our website’s contact form, or during our telephone hours, to get ideas on how to use wine barrel planters in your home or vineyard. We look forward to speaking with you!

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