Who Decides Which Cigars Become Premium Cigars?

When anything carries the description “premium”; two things can usually be discerned about it:-

1. It is of exceptional quality.

2. It carries a higher purchase price than its “normal” equivalent.

When the premium item is a natural product; we could be saying it is grown under the very best conditions of soil and climate; or we could be talking solely about the condition the product is in when harvested; or, even what is done to that product after harvesting. Usually, it is the producer who first mentions the “premium” nature of his product; but, these days, many consumers are a lot less gullible and tend not to fall for advertising claims – as they say – “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”.

It is fairly easy to appreciate that, with (for example) wine; the vineyard where the grapes were grown; the weather at the time of their growing and the skills and reputation of the winery that turned those grapes into wine; all have to be taken into consideration before the wine could be called ”premium”. Even then, the public might not be convinced. In the same way that movie actors & actresses are not really considered to be “stars” until they have received praise from critics, their peers and the public at large; a wine will not be considered “premium” until a significant body of informed opinion decrees it to be so.

In this respect, Premium Cigars are very similar to wine. Like wine; a cigar is appreciated for its taste and aroma and these are decided by factors very similar to the making of a fine wine.

Obviously, cigars are made from the leaves harvested from tobacco plants; but, were you aware that there is variety amongst tobacco plants and that some plants produce leaves that make for better tasting cigars? Not only that; different leaves from a single plant can have different tastes when turned into cigars and that the way in which the leaves are dried and cured will have a profound effect on the smoking taste? As we all know, to be a cigar; it must be all tobacco from the center out to the tobacco leaf wrapper and it is entirely up to the manufacturer to decide how to put the whole package together in such a way that experts would judge the result to be Premium Cigars.


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