Designing Engagement Rings Bethesda

by | Sep 21, 2012 | Jewelry

When you are preparing to go shopping for an engagement ring, stop for a moment and ponder to yourself about the momentous nature of the purchase you are about to make. Shopping for an engagement ring is one of the biggest shopping trips you will ever do in your life—and you may notice that there is enough variety out there that you could be tempted to wander into these stores from day to day without buying a ring because you are worried that you may find something even more perfect the next place that you go.

When it comes to engagement rings, Bethesda residents are given the wonderful opportunity to work with a family owned and full service jewelry store by the name of Princess Jewelry. This is the perfect name for this company as they strive to offer the jewelry and services that will really make every woman feel like a princess.

While you can absolutely walk into Princess and select a ring that is already made, confirm the size, and walk out with it, may find it a much more satisfying experience to create their own engagement ring. The ability to design custom jewelry is the ability to show a person that you love exactly how you feel about her and provide a piece of your thoughts that will touch that person whenever she is wearing the jewelry.

If you are interested in designing a customized engagement ring you will need to have some specific things in mind:

  • The stone. You may be choosing just one loose diamond, you may be choosing several, but regardless of the sheer volume of diamonds that you are choosing you must also take into consideration things such as the cut, color, clarity, and carat of the diamond. This is how big it is, what shape it will be, and the quality of the stone.
  • The setting. Picking the setting will be very important because this is the actual structure of the ring. You must make sure that you are choosing the setting that is right for your particular loved one so that it will appeal to her.
  • The price. This is something that virtually everyone thinks about when heading out shopping for an engagement ring. You need to have a good budget in  mind before you go so that you don’t go crazy and then realize you can’t afford the ring you designed.


Choose from the wide selection of diamond engagement rings at Princess Jewelers. We provide engagement rings in Solitaire, Antique Design, 3-Stones and Fashion Setting.

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