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Why Are Diamonds Used in Engagement Rings

by | Feb 8, 2018 | Jewelry

The slogan “diamonds are forever” comes from a highly successful DeBeers marketing campaign from the 1930s. Probably one of the most successful advertising campaigns in history became entrenched in our culture so deeply that now, diamonds are the de facto wedding ring gemstone. Diamond engagement rings remain the perennially popular choice for New Jersey couples.

Beyond good marketing, diamonds are simply gorgeous. There is something about the purity, glimmer, and clarity of a diamond that makes it the precious gem it is. The fact that a diamond has real worth in its hardness, and is used in everything from medical equipment to heavy industry shows that the value of diamond is not arbitrary.

Diamond engagement rings are classic. Yet even progressive, avant-garde couples are opting for diamond rings because of custom and tradition. The marriage ceremony may be a quaint tradition, but it is one that remains central to our social lives, our families, our community, and our identity.

We need symbols, rituals, and customs. Diamond engagement rings provide just that: the link between past, present, and future. The size of the diamond is not what really matters. What matters is what the ring represents: custom, tradition, and commitment.

An engagement ring just would not be the same if it were made of pearls, emeralds, or rubies. Those other gems are great for any other type of jewelry. The engagement ring needs to be set apart from everything else. Unlike decorative jewelry, an engagement ring serves a purpose. When a ring is made from a single diamond, people know right away what it is for. Therefore, the diamond is the only clear wearable symbol of the marriage commitment.

In New Jersey, you can get high quality diamond rings for every budget at reputable jewelers like Lincroft.

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