Different Styles of Long Sleeved Leotards for Girls

If you are on the hunt for leotards for young girls, you may be be comparing different styles. It is a good idea to have a variety of leotard cuts to choose from in any active girl’s wardrobe. Long sleeved leotards offer increased warmth and coverage. Learn more about the most popular long sleeved leotard styles below.


The turtleneck style of girls long sleeve leotard is among the most modest options available. It is a classic and full coverage style that is ideal for use during training and performances, especially during the cold months of winter time. However, turtleneck collars can bother some people. Be sure to look for leotards with a stretchy and flexible material for the ultimate comfort.

Wide Neck

Wide neck girls long sleeve leotard is another classic option that belongs in any gymnast or dancer’s wardrobe. This style is flexible, comfortable and not as full coverage as turtleneck or cowl neck varieties. As a result, it may be more comfortable. However, it is not as warm as other options. Wide neck leotards can be off the shoulder or simple expose more of the collar bone. Be sure to measure the shoulder width and compare it with wide neck leotard’s online before placing an order to prevent fit related problems.

Every gymnast or dancer needs a few different types of leotards to choose from in their wardrobe. Shopping for long sleeve leotards online is a fun and hassle free way to find comfortable and quality additions.

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