How to Ensure Beach Umbrellas Don’t Fly Away

You and your family are enjoying a nice day at the beach. Your spouse is sunbathing, you are taking a swim in the ocean and your kids are building a sandcastle. All of a sudden, you hear a scream from fifty yards away. Another beachgoer didn’t make sure one of his or her beach umbrellas was securely in the ground, and someone got hurt. Unfortunately, this kind of thing is a far too common occurrence. Here at, we want to prevent these types of accidents from happening as much as possible.

There have been serious injuries resulting in beach umbrellas not being secure in the ground. The last thing anyone wants on a day at the beach is to see an accident like that happen. Dangerous beach umbrella projectiles happen more often than you may think, and it is because they aren’t in the ground properly. In addition to people getting hurt, fines have been issued for beach umbrella negligence. You don’t want to lose your umbrella in the ocean if a strong wind picks up, either.

First and foremost, be sure that you have pushed the umbrella down as far as you can make it go. Some beachgoers use sandbags, or a stocked cooler to secure their beach umbrellas. Coolers might not be the best choice, especially as the day at the beach goes on. Beverages get removed, ice slowly melts under the rays of the sun, and the cooler will be subjected to higher foot traffic than the rest of your area.

Next, pay attention to weather conditions. If you see on your phone that there might be strong winds picking up, take extra precautions so that your umbrella doesn’t become a projectile. Take into account any kind of news or announcements that lifeguards or beach patrol are saying, as they are for everyone’s safety. When a strong wind gets under an umbrella with no vents, it can be more easily carried away. Because of this, you might want to purchase your beach umbrellas with one that has air vents, so that the wind can pass through.

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