Fantasy Dagger Collectors Love History, Fantasy Fiction And Objects Of Artistic Beauty

When archaeologists discovered and opened the tomb of Egyptian King Tutankhamen, among his many treasures were two fabulous daggers. One was made of gold and the other was at first thought to be made of iron. But further analysis revealed something stunning. The iron blade was actually made from metal which fell from the sky — meteorite metal.

Both daggers are strictly ornamental. They were a symbol of the great pharaoh’s power and wealth. You might say King Tut’s blades were the first fantasy daggers. They were forged and fashioned for the monarch more than 3,000 years ago.

Today, thousands of years later, owning a fantasy dagger is more popular than ever. Better yet, don’t have to be an all-powerful ruler of an ancient empire to get your hands on a blade that is a veritable work of art.
A customer-designed blade can represent a wide range of cultural influences and be fashioned in nearly unlimited configurations. Fans of medieval times or readers of sword and sorcery novels, such as Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones, can find providers that sell daggers created with these fictional themes in mind.

Daggers have become a popular category for collectors. The most popular models are survival daggers, antique daggers, fantasy daggers and those influenced by the European medieval period. But other categories are popular as well, such as those inspired by martial arts and/or Japanese and Far East cultures. Of course, ancient civilizations, such as that of Dynastic Egypt, are a popular source of inspiration for modern craftspeople who design and make fantasy blades.

Dagger collectors tend to be people with a great appreciation of history, but they also might be those with a wholly modern orientation and love of cosplay and the latest science fiction and fantasy films.

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