Four Types of Golf Cart Batteries You Can Find for Sale in Kamloops

by | Jan 28, 2020 | Wholesale Battery

Are you browsing for golf cart batteries in Kamloops? A lot of people aren’t even aware that there are different types of golf cart batteries so here is a brief description of each one.

  1. Flooded Lead Acid (or ‘wet cell’ batteries)

These batteries are the standard batteries that come with most golf carts. These are always a safe bet. They last longer than AGM and gel batteries but require regular maintenance. They also give off toxic fumes when charging so they must be enclosed.

  1. AGM Lead Acid Batteries

Absorbant Glass Mat batteries, one of the sealed batteries, are resistant to vibration and don’t give off toxic fumes. They require much less maintenance than flooded lead batteries and don’t give off toxic fumes, but they cost more and don’t last as long.

  1. Gel Lead Acid Batteries

Gel batteries are the most expensive batteries out of the four types. They have slow charge and discharge rates, so they aren’t as popular as the others. However, they handle heat a lot better than the other three and are great for extremely hot environments.

  1. Lithium-Ion Batteries

These are the new and improved type of golf cart batteries in Kamloops. They last longer, charge faster, and weigh less than standard batteries. You can also use up to 100% of the charge without damaging the battery. The down side is that they are expensive (not as expensive as gel batteries).

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