Why is the Fuchai 213 TC Different?

The Fuchai 213 TC is a great option if you are looking for a new generation vape device that is durable and ergonomic but that also has a few bells and whistles other models might lack. One of the best things about the Fuchai 213TC is that is has temperature control as well as an adjustable preheater. That means you can ready the device, as you prefer. The Fuchai 213 TC also supports different types of coils so you can adjust or perfect your experience to suit your style. The types of supported coils for the Fuchai 213TC include Nickel 200 (Ni200), Titanium (Ti), and Stainless Steel 304,316,317 (SS). This level of flexibility is a warm welcome from products that have a more limited selection of coils you can choose from.

Also unique is the ability to charge the Fuchai 213TC with batteries or a micro USB plug. When you charge using the micro USB plug, you can see the status of your device using the OLED screen. The Fuchai 213TC is extremely portable and great for road trips too.

Basically, the Fuchai 213 TC is a perfect device for people who like to customize their experience. It’s easy enough to use and budget-friendly enough for beginners but also has enough advanced features for an intermediate or veteran vaper. For example, the Fuchai 213TC has a Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR) and Temperature Factor of Resistivity (TFR) mode for customization. Also, the build is aluminum and it also has a nice handgrip, making it ergonomic. Unlike other vape devices, the Fuchai 213 TC has broad international appeal too given its use of Celsius instead of the American Fahrenheit system. Finally, the Fuchai 213TC comes in a variety of colors for optimal personalization and aesthetics. No matter what your style is, the Fuchai 213TC is bound to fit in.

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