Funeral Flowers and Proper Propriety in Indianapolis

by | Dec 22, 2012 | Flowers

If you want to order funeral flowers, Indianapolis, you have to know the etiquette of ordering and sending funeral flowers. The etiquette is critical if you want to order appropriate flowers for the ceremony. The very first thing that you have to consider is the type of relationship between you and the departed individual. If you are familiar with conventional flower choices, then you stand a better chance of having an easier time when choosing a funeral floral arrangement.

Any reputable funeral flowers, Indianapolis firm will tell you that some floral tributes and display locations are strictly for family members. Family members usually place their flowers on top of the casket or inside. The parents, siblings, children or spouse of the deceased place the casket spray atop the casket. Family members also place the flowers held by the deceased in his or her hands.

Pillows and wreaths belong to the lower end of the casket. Nephews, nieces, grandchildren and children place the pillows and wreaths in place. The extended side of the family has a wide range of funeral flowers arrangements. Floral arrangements at their disposal range from less formal to the standing spray types.

Another group that has its own unique funeral floral arrangement is business associates and acquaintances. This group consists of employees, employers, co-workers and service providers. Flowers allowable for this group include standing sprays, basket arrangements, plants and wreaths. Friends of the deceased family members can also send plants, wreaths, standing sprays and basket arrangements. If you are friends with a certain family member, you can opt to send the flowers directly to your friend.

Before proceeding with the order for funeral flowers, be ready with the name of the deceased person, the funeral service location, enclosure card wording and payment method. This is important in expediting the processing order, increasing efficiency and preventing delivery errors. It is important to place your order in time so that you can have a variety of options. If the flowers do not arrive in time for the first visitation, you get to have time to place orders for the church service or the graveside service.

If you do not make it to buy flowers for any of the three services, you can get sympathy flowers for one of more of the deceased’s family or friends. A professional funeral flowers, Indianapolis will emphasize on the importance of sending funeral flowers to the office or home of the affected person. It is important to avoid easel arrangements, standing sprays, stylized fireside baskets or anything else that has a disposable feel to it. All these options are best for display in the funeral home. The sympathy floral arrangements sent to the office or home should be a celebration of life.

Funeral flowers Indianapolis has more than a few ways of showing your last respects to a loved one. Please visit Flowers On The Square for more details and information.

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