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“home is where the heart is!!!” Whenever we envision a home, the first few images that come to the mind are the things that make it look like one. The things placed inside does say a lot about it alonwith its resident’s; also known as the furniture, which plays a vital role to make a ‘house’ become a ‘home’.

The great divide

the products under the word furniture have been divided & sub classified into 2 main categories – INDOOR & OUTDOOR.

indoor furniture are the products mostly placed under the confines of the walls be it residential or commercial spaces, mostly meant for personal use while outdoor furniture is the one mostly used for commercial places & for various other events & social gatherings.


combining both indoor as well as outdoor furniture there include tables, chairs, beds, sofas, headboards, cupboards, dressers, desks & so on forth.

Getting Woody & all

in the begining the only material required for the production of furtinure was wood. But as time progressed new ways were discovered & invented. As of present furiture is also made from materials such as metal, iron, plastic, bamboo, glass, etc.

Using furniture – the right way

there are just a few main areas that one needs to focus on regarding making a lasting first impression to everybody who comes in.

The first area to pay attention to is the immediate room that the guests enter into. Whether it be the sitting room, or just a front hall, you would want to start with furniture that creates the appropraite tone, you could have a bench that people would be comfortable around to sit on.

Where should we head for the purchase?

There are exclusive high-end showrooms meant for expensive designer pieces of furniture, but if one looks out to go easy on the wallet compartment, there are simple shops which offer affordable rates with durable quality, & then again there are thrift shops which offer unbelievable bargains & end of season cut-off sales.

Fine Furtinure becomes one with a home & helps complete it & is an absolute necessity for civilised modern day living.



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