Get the Perfect Cake Decorations for Your Next Event

by | Sep 25, 2019 | General

Whether you’re a beginning baker or you’ve been making delicious, beautiful cakes for years, it’s important to have a resource that offers all the supplies you need to make your cakes look their best. Cake decoration fondant is often used to add texture, color and shape to cakes, and quality fondant can contribute to the taste of the cake as well.

Fondant can also be used with gum paste to add decorative elements to cakes. The ingredients are used to create flowers, leaves and edible forms of clothing or accessories to fit the theme of the cake. Once you find the fondant brand you need, you can add food coloring to the fondant to make your decorations appear more realistic. Fondant is also used to cover layers of the cake and you can choose fondant varieties in metallic or glitter varieties to make the dessert look especially appealing and elegant. You can even use fondant in the shape of pearls to fit the decorative theme of a celebration. The pearls can also be rolled flat and shaped into polka dots to decorate the cake or molded into other smaller shapes that can be featured on the cake’s various layers.

In addition to gum paste and fondant, you’ll also need a place to buy the best equipment and cake pans. Silicone baking mats are often necessary, since you’ll want to create all or some of the cake in a pan that won’t stick. When you purchase cake pans in specific shapes, you can cut down on decoration time and create a dessert in a familiar but impressive shape that guests will love. Finishing the cake off with specialty candles or stand-up decorations that make the dessert unique can bring more attention to your fondant and further customize the cake.

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