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by | Dec 16, 2013 | Jewelry

With the price of gold going up and up, now it a good time to sell your old gold jewelry and coins. C & L Exchange is a pawn shop in the Westland and Detroit area and specialize in buying gold and silver. The pawn shop will weigh your gold and silver and going by spot price offer you so much money per gram of gold or silver depending on what gold and silver is going for that particular day. Gold Buyers in Westland are a good place to go to sell your scrap jewelry.

Scrap gold and silver include silverware, broken jewelry, dental gold, U.S. coins and silver plated items. The store also has a buy back policy if you change your mind about your sale.

As the demand for gold from China and other countries rises, the price of gold will continue to go up. Eventually there will be a tipping point where the price of gold will go down again to a more reasonable price. You want to take advantage of the high prices now which are pretty steady.

A gold dealer will use a stone to scratch a small portion of gold from your gold item and use acid to see what karat your item is if it isn’t stamped 14k, 18k or 24k. The acid will dissolve anything that isn’t gold. There are different acids for each karat weight of gold. Gold Buyers in Westland will give you a good deal on your scrap gold.

Having hard currency is good in this economy. Regular everyday coins aren’t worth any metal prices. Gold coins hold their value. Additionally, gold coins from certain mint and date can be worth much more than melt. Be sure to research the dates and mint marks on your gold coins before you decide to sell them for scrap. Coin collectors, also known as numismatists, are interested in rare coins for their collections.

Selling scrap gold and silver – broken jewelry, common date gold coins and scrap silver – is very marketable nowadays. There are lots of places that buy and sell gold and silver.

Gold Buyers in Westland are a good place to go to sell your scrap jewelry. For more information visit C & LExchange.

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