How To Wear A Ladies Jumper At The Office

Dressing for a day at the office when the weather is cold can be tricky, especially if your office has a dress code. It is important to know how to wear your ladies jumper correctly for the office.

Business Formal

In an office with a business formal dress code, workers are required to wear tailored blazers, dresses, skirts, dress pants, and the like. Wearing a ladies jumper as opposed to the usual shirt and blazer combination will provide you with an updated look that feels cosy, but still elegant.
Try jumpers that are made with angora, wool, or cashmere. Warm quality fabrics that have thin knits will look more professional than jumpers with cable knits.

Business Casual

In an office that requires you to dress in business casual, you will still need to dress classy but not so much like a typical businesswoman. In this kind of office, you can wear clothes with fun prints and adornments. The only thing that you want to do is to make sure that you do not look too cosy like you would if you were lounging around your home. Here you want to wear a ladies jumper that is clean and not too old.

Casual Attire

When the dress code for your office is simply casual, you can wear whatever you like without getting too cosy or crazy. You would not want to show up for work in dinosaur pyjamas, but jeans and a nice jumper would be ideal. Any ladies jumper that you want to wear is good. Just keep in mind that you are still and work and not to be too sloppy with your attire.

Jumpers are an invaluable wardrobe staple that is great to wear with the temperatures are low. There are many different types available to create the look and style that is ideal for you to wear at your office.

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