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It may be tedious but a necessary task nevertheless to manage your office supplies & stationery. These objects may or may not be used on regular bases and hence are often forgotten in the hustle bustle of an office. When the time comes that you are in need of such an item you find yourself running around trying to beg, borrow or steal.


Office stationery includes everything like notepads, stick-on notes, highlighters, coloured pens, regular pens, permanent markers, white board markers, padded envelopes, wax seals, carbon papers, bond-papers, staplers, pins, etc.


As mentioned before, the items which you use everyday stay in your mind and people usually make it a note to replenish their stock. When it comes to things which we use less often, we realize what we have forgotten. It is best to keep office supplies and stationary storage area accessible only to a limited number of people. This will make sure that things do not go missing and are all accounted for. It will also make it much easier to manage and keep a record of the supply stock.


Organizing the storage stock in a particular manner is also a good idea. You can categorize different shelves according to items of varying usage. Or you can simply mark the shelves in an alphabetical order and keep the items on them accordingly. Office supplies & stationery can also be classified and distributed according to different departments. This also helps in keeping a record of which department needs what kind of stationery more.

If your office is big enough and can manage enough staff then the best option is to keep a store keeper. This person can maintain records of how much office supplies & stationery was purchased, how much has been consumed and what is the status of the stock. He can maintain a detailed inventory and contact the concerned person before the stock gets completely depleted so that the required stationery is always available.

office supplies

office supplies

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