The Any Occasion Tailored Look

by | Nov 30, 2015 | Clothing

When you look for a good tailored suit, you want to look to bespoke suits; Long Island tailors work in this specific style of tailoring. Forbes explains expertly what the difference between a regularly tailored suit, and bespoke suits in Long Island.

  1. Bespoke is a style of tailoring that is hand crafted specifically to your measurements, size, and needs. It is a way of tailoring that requires crafting a whole new pattern that is designed around you, not around a premade suit then modified to fit your body. ‘Regular’ tailoring that you’ve probably heard about merely takes a single, already crafted suit and modifies it to fit your measurements.
  2. Tailors that work with bespoke often provide a sampling of fabrics to be used in the suits themselves, rather than any suit examples. This is because the suit is crafted, designed, and made to your specifications. The suit itself is entirely new, entirely different, and entirely customizable. The sky, as they say, is the limit when working with bespoke tailors. Comparatively when you enter a ‘regular’ tailor shop you are provided with a slew of suits to choose from, rather than fabrics themselves.
  3. Unlike regularly tailored suits which usually take either a single fitting, or no fitting at all, bespoke styled suits often have regular fittings to adjust and modify the pattern that is created to work with you. There are a variety of fittings that take place over the creation of your suit, and each of them are personal and important towards the final product.
  4. Oftentimes when you are working with tailors you don’t meet with the seamstress who does all of the sewing, crafting, and work on your suit. Instead you meet with a representative of the store or someone who has skill in ensuring that you get fitted properly. Bespoke tailors work differently. The people you meet one on one are the very same people who are sewing, designing, and crafting your suit. This provides a very personal experience when working with bespoke tailors as compared to other tailors.

If you want a suit that works for all occasions, unique and designed just for you, then find a bespoke tailor to work with. You’ll get customized, amazing quality of work and frequent contact in all stages of the creation process. It might seem a bit heavy handed in the long run, but bespoke style suits are the most versatile, and the most fantastic, suits you can find.

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