Different Occasions For Floral Des Moines

by | Apr 5, 2013 | Gifts

While weddings are the most common occasion for purchasing floral arrangements, there are floral designs for all types of occasions. While Valentine’s Day is another major flower holiday, other occasions such as an anniversary, new baby, or a work promotion can be celebrated with floral arrangements. Purchasing a custom flower bouquet is a way to make a big impression on even the smallest of occasions.

Sometimes the most challenge part of planning a wedding is selecting floral arrangements. Without proper knowledge and research, a bride can spend more money than budgeted on floral bouquets. The biggest way to cut down spending is to purchase flowers that are currently in season. For the best idea of what a florist can do, ask to see their portfolio of designs done for real weddings. If unsure of where to go for Des Moines floral, make sure to ask friends and relatives for their recommendations. These recommendations will let you know personal experiences other have had with that florist.

Another way to show what you are feeling with a particular arrangement is by the flowers that are included in that arrangement. Each flower has a special meaning, and using these flowers add extra special meaning to any flower arrangement. For example, roses each have their own meaning depending on the color. Red roses are commonly used to show love, yellow roses mean friendship, and green roses are for wishing someone to get well soon. The peony symbolizes happiness in marriage, or life. For a sympathy bouquet, sea lavender is the perfect choice because it is a symbol of sympathy and remembrance.

If you have never purchased a floral Des Moines arrangement, do not hesitate to talk to the florist and come up with the design you would prefer. If you have a budget in mind, make sure to let the florist know because, then they know what they can and cannot add to the arrangement. If looking for a quick gift for a friend or a loved one, most florist shops carry pre-made arrangements. The only holiday that it is important to pre-order an arrangement is Valentine’s Day, because it is the busiest day for a florist.

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