Outstanding Jewelry for Tragus Piercing Options

Owing to the changing times, fashion statements for different people have also changed. People, especially the youth, have moved from the traditional types of piercings to modern and trendier types. Despite the changes in body piercing trends, people still crave body jewelry. Among the upcoming trends in the piercing industry is a tragus piercing. This form of piercing has gained immense popularity across the world, especially among the young girls. The tragus is the cartilage that projects in front of the ear canal. If you have pierced this part, you should carefully search for the suitable jewelry. Basically, jewelry for tragus piercing should have a small gauge post or a small, but captive, bead ring. After healing, the tragus may be adorned with an array of jewelry, some of which are mentioned below.

Labret Studs

This type of jewelry features a flat bottom and a straight shaft. However, the end of the stud can have a charm, spike, bead or any other shape and design. This piece of jewelry is flat so that it will not rub against the skin. They are specifically meant for the smaller gauge piercing sizes. If you are looking for jewelry for larger gauge piercing sizes, you should consider buying plugs.

Captive Bead Rings

This type of jewelry for tragus piecing is also referred to as the ball closure ring. It is basically a metallic ring that features a single bead. Other captive bead ring designs feature a straight bar instead of the bead. This makes the piece of jewelry to appear like a complete circle. These rings are available in a wide range of styles, colors and designs. Additionally, you can have captive bead rings custom made based on your preferences. With these rings, you can also choose your preferred shapes, such as lizards, hearts or skulls.


These pieces of jewelry are small in size and may be used on almost any body part piercing. Owing to their small size, the microdermals are best suited for use on tragus piercing. Once inserted in the piercing, these pieces of jewelry are level with the skin. Microdermals feature a curved bar at their bottom. The bar is L-shaped and slips below the skin surface. Some designs of the microdermals may also feature a star, bead, spike, gemstone or any other design.


These are basically shafts of metal that have beads on either end. Barbells may be straight or curved, based on the shape of the shaft. In most cases, the curved barbells are used for the vertical tragus piercing.

The various types of Jewelry for tragus piercing are a magnificent way to make a fashion statement and express your personality. To make a fashion statement, choose your preferred type tragus piercing jewelry from the leading body jewelry stores in the country.

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