How to make perfect cake pops

Cake pops are one of the most fun and whimsical baked creations which also make the perfect addition to any party or special event. If you are ready to make your baked creations stand out and wow the crowd, then it’s essential to make your cake pops using a cake pop pan. Taking the right steps in making your cake pops will yeild picture worthy creations for your guests.

Start out with a cake

The first step to making perfect cake pops is to actually begin by baking a cake. You don’t have to bake the cake in a cake pop pan. Instead, you should simply use a traditional, standard cake pan so that your cake will bake fluffy and moist just like normal. You can choose any flavor you prefer just as long as you take the time to follow the recipe so that the cake comes out tasting great!

Crumble the cake

Once you have baked up your new, fresh cake, you still don’t need to use the cake pop pan just yet. Instead, you can begin the next step by crumbling up the cake so that you can prepare it properly. If this step seems a little daunting, you can go slowly by crumbling up the cake a little bit at a time to start. Simply cut the cake into sections and then take each section out piece by piece and then proceed to crumbling the cake into a bowl. The finer and less chunky the pieces are, the better results you will get.

Add frosting

After crumbling the cake, you will want to mix in the frosting until the batter is nice and moist. At this point you can either form the mixture into balls freehand or you can choose to use a cake pop pan to set the balls in place. The advantage of using a cake pop pan is that they will all come out evenly.

Set the cake pops in the fridge for 30 to 60 minutes and once they have set, decorate them according to your theme!

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