Why You Should Purchase Handmade Handbags from Fair Trade

by | May 17, 2012 | Gifts

If you like to be unique and show your unique style to the world, you should consider purchasing a handmade handbag. These bags are one of a kind as they are handmade. You will not have to worry about anyone else having the exact same bag.

These bags also tell the story of the craftsmen behind them. Handmade handbags are unique as they are the products of inspiration, dedication and hard work. They are not a product of a machine going through the motions of what it was designed to do. These handbags carry the sweat and inspiration of an artisan who took time to design and make the bag. Every inch of the bag serves to tell his or her story.

There have been various features in the news and in newspapers about craftsmen from disadvantaged communities who are being exploited. They work for long hours under deplorable conditions. Even after laboring, they are paid much less than they would need for their daily livelihood. It is this that prompted the formation of the Fairtrade Foundation. The foundation certifies products to show that the purchase of these products meet the international standards of fair trade. This trademark ensures that the marginalized artisan, craftsman or farmer gets a better deal for his or her products.

By purchasing handmade handbags with the Fairtrade trademark, you will be improving the lives of the craftsmen that made the handbags you are purchasing. You will also be improving the lives of entire communities. The Fairtrade Foundation works to ensure that craftsmen remain in their local communities to enhance development in these regions.

Much of the money collected from the sale of the products of a community is given back to the community. The community gets to decide how to use the funding. This is unlike many other organizations that seek to solve the community’s problems. The Fairtrade Foundation allows the community to meet their most pressing needs through the work of their own hands. Communities can therefore opt to fund projects such as the digging of boreholes and the building of schools and community health centers that are needed urgently in many of these marginalized communities.

Purchasing handmade handbags from Fairtrade will be much more than making a fashion statement. You will also be sending messages to key figures about the need for fair treatment in business in the global market. As more consumers purchase fair-trade handbags, more businesses will take notice and begin to distribute bags with the Fairtrade trademark on them. This growth in demand is reflected in the countries of origin of these products. More people will be willing to meet the Fairtrade international standards to ensure that they gain access to the international market.

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