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Custom uniforms in Tampa are important for businesses, as they help to identify employees and promote the brand. They create a recognizable identity, and in such a competitive market, a business needs a custom uniform to stand apart. Customers will definitely notice your logo and they won’t forget it. However, uniforms are not just for businesses. It can be a blast for families, teams, churches and much more. The design is uniquely yours and helps establish a sense of unity between your group that will surely be cherished.

It’s Your Custom Design

Ensure that you have a design that is special to you by sending your artwork via email. The styles and sizes of the artwork will determine how much it will cost to print your design onto the apparel. The time it takes to print a design will also depend on the size and complexity of the artwork. If you wish to know an estimate for your order, just ask for a free quote, which is based on the type of items and quantity.

Screen Printing

One way that your design can be placed on your garment is by screen-printing, the most popular way to customize T-shirts and other apparel. It’s the highest resolution printing process, so it requires the highest quality artwork to start out with. With screen-printing, the ink is used to create the design on the garment. Light and dark shirts tend to look best with screen-printed designs. A sample garment with the custom logo is printed to ensure perfection. Once the garment is approved, the rest of the order will be printed. Screen printed designs are sure to look sleek and stylish.


This is a method that is a classic for a reason. Embroidery uses stitches to create bold and impressive designs. It is even great for names and initials on many different types of apparel. The price of embroidery is not determined by the amount of colors in a design, but instead by the size of the design. It is done by stitching machine, so the price depends on how many times the needle goes up and down on the apparel to create the design. Embroidery is a staple for sports teams. Embroider your team and have the coolest custom uniforms.

If you want customers to be exposed to your brand daily, have your logo printed on a promo product! Custom items like pens and mugs will make sure your brand is always on people’s minds. The time it takes to create promo products will vary based on the types of items you chose, as well as the quantity. Custom promo products are fun and unique for any kind of business.

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