Everyone Wants A Real Madrid OZIL Jersey

by | Aug 2, 2013 | General

What accounts for the popularity of soccer? It’s the most popular sport in the world. You can’t get tickets for World Cup matches, and soccer attire is all the rage. Soccer jerseys from European teams are popular in the United States. Department stores sell a real madrid OZIL jersey.

Soccer is popular because it can be played on any surface, and all you need is one ball. Soccer culture, advertising and financing are big in most parts of the world. And, most countries don’t have another sport, they consider a national sport. The United States is not vested in soccer because we have too many sports vying for entertainment dollars. Americans tune in to football, basketball, golf, baseball, and there are many others. Soccer clothing is popular around the world. Everyone wants a real madrid OZIL jersey.

Soccer dates back to England in the mid-19thcentury. Originally a game for the rich, the ease of playing soccer made it a game for the masses. The London Football Association began in 1863, and set up the rules for the game. Soon, soccer was popular with England’s blue collar workers. The game soon spread to the rest of Europe. In 1904, representatives from the seven European soccer playing nations organized a governing body known as FIFA. The first FIFA world cup was held in 1930.

Soccer became really popular during the 60’s. Commercial air travel began and players could travel between countries to play internationally. But, there are other reasons, people love soccer. The rules are easy to learn, and all that’s required is hand-eye coordination. Australia is an example of how soccer changes a country. The Aussies have a small soccer league, but when they made the world cup for the first time in 32 years, soccer fever took over. More people watched Australia’s first round match against Japan, than watched the State of Origin. Until that point, the State of Origin was their most popular sporting event.

It’s easy to see why people want a real madrid jersey. They call soccer, “the beautiful game.” Everyone looks at the simplicity of the game, and dreams that they can become a star.

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