Selecting A Rug Cleaning Service In Houston For Antique Rugs

There are many homes in Houston that have beautiful antique rugs. Some of these rugs have in families for generations, and others may be rugs have that been purchased recently.

While there are a lot of Houston rug cleaning services, it is important to be very selective when choosing a cleaning service for antique rugs. Using the wrong types of cleaning products, incorrectly using equipment in the cleaning process or failing to understand the correct methods to safely clean these valuable rugs can lead to extensive damage with these valuable and treasured carpets.

Before hiring a company in the city to clean your valuable Orient, Persian, Turkish, Afghanistan or any other antique, vintage or hand-knotted rug, be sure to consider the following important factors.

Ask About the Process

Ask the rug cleaning service to provide information on the process they use for cleaning the rug. Top companies are able to provide full information on how they inspect the rug to ensure they are using the right process. Companies like Ashly Fine Rugs have decades of experience and expertise in working with very old and very valuable rugs in Katy Tx. They treat all of the rugs they clean with the care and attention these rugs deserve.

Ask About Specific Concerns

Generally, customers requiring rug cleaning have specific issues they want to address. Perhaps they wish to remove stains, pet urine odor or discolorations, or even color bleeding or instability in the rug.

There are specific treatment options to address these problems. However, depending on the significance of the issue, it may not be possible to completely treat the problem without damage to the rug. This is where the expertise of the cleaning service becomes a critical factor.

There are several other steps involved in the process. These include removing the dust, shampooing and rinsing the rug, they allowing it to dry and brushing the rug to provide the soft, uniform appearance. Each step has to be done correctly for the optimum final results.

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