Make a Statement with a Rose Gold Septum Clicker

by | May 12, 2014 | Jewelry

Barbells and simple studs work for some, but when a distinct nose ring is desired, a clicker can make a bold statement. What’s even better is a rose gold septum clicker that’s designed especially for the wearer.

How Does Custom Design Work?

Like many types of jewelry, it’s possible to custom order rose gold septum clicker directly from a reputable jeweler. The process is simple and the end result is a piece of jewelry that’s distinct by design. Here’s how it works:

* Hit the Internet – Here you will find reputable jewelers that specialize in distinct works such as septum clickers, naval rings and so on. Pay attention to the quality offered. The best deliver 14K pieces for reasonable prices and back their work with craftsmanship guarantees.

* Select a style – Jewelers that specialize in custom pieces offer their customers access to a wide variety of preset styles. They may also provide customers the ability to get a little creative on this end by letting them select their own designs for the bottom and the shaft.

* Pick the gold – The next step involves selecting the gold type. A rose gold septum clicker is a great choice because of its distinct coloring and beauty.

* Select any gemstones – Some jewelers even enable their customers to select distinct gemstones to include in their designs. The options might include topaz, emerald, cubic zirconia and even rubies and onyx.

* Place the order – Once the order goes in, the craftsmen will get to work creating the custom piece. The end design will be made and shipped directly for enjoyment.

Why Gold?

A lot of body jewelry these days is made in metals other than gold. While less expensive, these options are not always the best. Gold is a top choice for discriminating people for a few reasons. They include:

* Its appearance – Nothing compares to the visual appeal of gold. Whether it’s white, yellow or rose, this precious metal tends to catch the eye.

* Its quality – Gold isn’t necessarily the hardest metal there is, but its quality is unquestionable. Pieces that are made in 14K are designed to retain their beauty while resisting scratches.

* Its value – custom order rose gold septum clicker Gold is a precious metal and it holds value over time and can even rise in value with the market. This is an investment.

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