Sweet Success: How Wholesale Gelato Cups, a Freezer, and Authentic Desserts Can Lead to the Realization of Your Business Dreams

by | Feb 21, 2014 | Food

Being your own boss and owning your own business has always been a dream of yours. So, how can wholesale gelato cups, a freezer, and some dessert make your entrepreneurial dreams come true? Well, there is a demand for this authentic sweet treat on the market and you can easily become the next happy owner of your own business, selling these tasty creations. The great thing about selling gelato is that you don’t have to own a large space or produce everything on your own. Consider partnering with a company that makes and supplies gelato and gelato accessories for sweet business success.

The Product is What Sells
When choosing a company to make your gelato, it’s important to select one that creates an authentic product. Not all gelatos are the same. Talk to the company about the equipment they use to make the dessert and the ingredients that go into it. Look at any certifications they have or permits from the FDA. Set up a time to sample all they have to offer to make sure it passes your own taste test. You don’t want to sell a product that you wouldn’t want to purchase if you were the customer.

Supplies Matter
No one wants to spend money on delicious gelato that is served in a torn paper cup or generic Styrofoam bowl. To make your product the most attractive that it can be for your customers, and to save you money, consider purchasing wholesale gelato cups. These cups are modeled after traditional Italian cups that are used to serve gelato in Europe. Purchase matching spoons for eating and for all of the samples you are sure to give out.

Chilled to Perfection
One of the differences between gelato and ice cream is the temperature at which these two desserts are served. Gelato is stored ten to fifteen degrees warmer than ice cream in order to keep its rich, creamy consistency that melts on your tongue. When starting your business, be sure that you purchase a freezer that can reach the appropriate temperature for the product you plan to sell.

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