The Biggest Do’s and Don’ts for Purchasing Rompers and Jumpsuits

by | Mar 7, 2018 | Shopping

Short rompers and jumpsuits have taken the world by storm and now are an essential part of many women’s wardrobes. In order to see how trendy this piece of clothing is, you only have to look around. There have even been attempts to bring men’s rompers into the mainstream with varying degrees of luck.

Women’s Rompers

We’re going to focus on women’s rompers and how to wear them with style. These tips are meant to aid you in choosing the jumpsuit or romper that is most flattering to your body type, while remaining appropriate and fashionable for any occasion. Let’s jump into it now.

The Do’s:

    Choice of length – There are many choices in length with rompers and jumpsuits. Women who are petite may be better served by short rompers and jumpsuits, while taller women can pull off a longer piece.
    Color choice – If you aren’t sure what design or color to choose, pick something solid. This gives you a beautiful silhouette that lengthens your body and provides a wonderful profile.
  *     Fit and size – A jumpsuit that doesn’t fit well can cause imperfections and bulges that nobody wants. You want to look for a piece that is a bit loose but cinched at the waist. Don’t go for super tight or super loose, find something in the happy middle.
  *     Seasonal wear – Many people associate rompers with summer days walking in the park or getting some sun down at the beach. However, rompers are made in different styles and can work in warm or cold weather. It’s versatile and works well, especially layered with a sweater or blazer when the temperatures drop.

The Don’ts:

*     Clingy materials – Most people cannot pull off a jumpsuit made of a clinging material like a pleather or spandex. You won’t get the elegant draping around your body. Materials like jersey and cotton can work well for everyone.
   *     Choice of prints – While there are some truly wild prints out there, it’s best to stay away from these. They take the attention off of the appealing outfit and people only see the distracting pattern. Small patterns can work well for many women, however.
    Removal difficulty – A romper is a one-piece outfit, which means removing it should be simple. You don’t want to spend precious minutes getting out of it when you need to use the bathroom. Choose a jumpsuit that slips off the shoulders or has few buttons or zippers.

Short Rompers Online

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