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The Uses, History, and Benefits of Using Gold to Make Jewelry

by | Jun 3, 2020 | Shopping

Around the world, there is no mineral mined from the earth that is more valuable than gold. Gold is made up of exceptional properties. This unique metal can conduct electricity, it is very effortless to work with, it doesn’t tarnish quickly, and it can be hammered into thin sheets and drawn into a wire.

Gold can also be melted and molded into various detailed shapes. Its color is appealing. Gold is a special metal that occupies a special place in humans.

Throughout the history of mankind, every established culture utilized gold as a symbol of power, purity, beauty, and accomplishment. In today’s world, we still use gold to make significant objects like Olympic medals, wedding rings, Grammys, Oscars, money, ecclesiastical art, Islamic Gold Jewelry, and crucifixes.

The Primary use of Gold Jewelry

Gold has been used to make ornamental jewelry and objects for ages. Religion has also been using Gold to make various objects of worship i.e., crucifixes. Islamic Gold Jewelry has been around for years too.

Gold nuggets are used to make jewelry because they are effortless to work with and probably because it was the first metal discovered by humans.

Today, the gold that is mined is recycled or used in making jewelry. About 78% of the total gold collected each year is utilized in jewelry making.

Gold has special properties that make it excellent for manufacturing jewelry. Its properties include:

• Tarnish resistance

• Very high luster

• Can be cast into different shapes

• Remarkable yellow color

Tradition and religion play a significant role in the use of gold to make jewelry. Pure gold can’t be used to make jewelry. This is because it can’t withstand the stress applied when making the items. Alloying gold with other metals i.e., copper, platinum, and silver increase its durability.

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