Tips to Help You Find Petite Women’s Clothing That Really Fits

If you are 5’4” or shorter, you are likely familiar with shopping for petite women’s clothing. Between the typical pant hems that are just too long, armholes that are too big and jackets and skirts that make you look like you are playing dress-up in your mom’s clothes, there are definitely some challenges presented for anyone who is petite in stature.

While shopping at regular retail department stores may be frustrating, there is one place where you can shop and find clothing that was designed specifically for you: BonWorth. Here we cater to those short in stature ensuring they have clothing that fits perfectly. Some other tips we offer to help you find the right clothing for your body are highlighted here.

Shopping for Prints

When you begin to shop our selection of clothing on BonWorth, you will see there are a number of print fabrics available. While you may have heard those who are petite should stay away from prints, this is simply not true. We understand that prints can look great for petite individuals as long as you select one that does not overpower your small frame.

The Armholes

Another issue many people who wear petite clothing experience is armholes that are so big, they expose their underarm and bra. This is extremely frustrating, since there is not really any type of quick fix for this issue. Our selection of petite women’s clothing offers armholes cut for your size.

Placement of the Shoulders

If you wear petite clothing, chances are you have experienced the issue of putting on a jacket, shirt or dress and the top of the sleeves going down past the shoulder, making you appear “slumpy.” When you shop our selection of petite women’s clothing , you can have confidence that the shoulders will sit on the bony portion of your arm.

The Neckline

When you begin looking for a neckline for your clothing, you should stick with scoop necks and V-necks. These cuts will help you to look taller, which is beneficial for those who are shorter.

The Waistline

If you purchase any dress or top that tapers in or that has seams at the waistline, then you should ensure that it actually lines up with your waist. If you do not do this, it may cause you to appear shorter.

When you are shopping for petite women’s clothing, visit our website to find a huge selection of clothes that are made for you. These clothes are tapered for your body and will fit you well, eliminating the frustration that usually accompanies shopping.

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