Tips for a St. Lucia Wedding

Destination weddings offer couples a great way to start their new life together. The Caribbean is a popular choice for these types of weddings. If you are planning a St. Lucia wedding, you can decide to have a simple affair or one that is as lavish as you want. Ideally, you should try to be on the island at least two days prior to the wedding. This allows you to put things in place, such as getting your marriage license, but special same day marriage licenses are available.

You can send the necessary documents to your wedding planner who will handle everything for you. These documents include valid passports for the bride and groom, a divorce decree if you were married before, a certified death certificate if you are a widow or widower and a deed poll if your name was changed. Same day licenses are a little more expensive, but for those romantics who do not want to wait to tie the knot, this is an ideal opportunity. Expedited or same day weddings are great for those who want to get married on the island when their cruise ship docks.

When you want the ideal wedding, you should leave the planning to the experts. If you are getting married in another country, use experienced destination wedding planners, and free yourself from the stress. They know the requirements for foreigners to be legally married in another country. They can offer tips on the best places to have the wedding of your dreams. Visit the website Url, to learn how a destination wedding planner can help with all your preparations.

With the proper planning, your St. Lucia wedding can easily be a cruise affair, at a plush hotel or even on the beach. One of the reasons to use a wedding planner who knows about Caribbean weddings is that the document preparation process sometimes seems a bit daunting. This professional will ensure all the paperwork is properly completed, so your big day can be successful. A destination wedding in the Caribbean does not restrict you in choosing your own theme and color. This type of wedding simply offers you the chance to begin your new life in a tropical getaway.

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