Why You Need Turkish Towels in Your Life

If you are looking for a spa-like feel in your new towels, put down the waffle weave and pick up a set of Turkish towels. These towels are the ultimate, affordable luxury. Made with Turkish cotton, classic Turkish towels are super absorbent, lightweight, and stylish, making them a perfect addition to any home.

What is Turkish cotton?

What sets these towels apart is the cotton used to make them. Turkish cotton contains longer fibers, resulting in a more robust, smoother thread that gets softer and more absorbent every time you wash.

Wash after wash, standard cotton tends to get thready and scratchy, and you lose the clean and polished look they had when you first bought them. But with Turkish cotton towels, your towels will last much longer and keep their aesthetic appearance.

What makes a Turkish towel different from a standard cotton towel?

As previously touched upon, Turkish towels differ from regular cotton towels in a variety of ways. First, the long fibers ensure that your towels will be stronger and smoother after every wash and quick absorbent.

Contrasting regular bath and beach towels, Turkish towels are lightweight, making them easy to pack. In addition, while they are more absorbent, they take up less room than their competitors. So if you are heading to the beach, packing a towel from Turkey will be less heavy when wet and will leave room for you to pack other essentials.

What can I use a Turkish towel for?

100% Turkish cotton towels are versatile, able to be used for more than just absorbing liquids. For example, your Turkish hand towels could double as a scarf or a headband due to their trendy designs and soft feel. Bathroom towels can be used as throws for your bed or couch, a shawl, or as a sweat drier at the gym.

Take your towels out of the bathroom and to the beach! Wear them as swimsuit coverups, spread them out as a picnic blanket, or wrap yourself in them for a beach towel.

With Turkish towels, there are endless possibilities. If you are interested in purchasing, make sure you head to a reputable business with 100% Turkish cotton. Papatya Bloom, an authentic Turkish towel company, is well known for its Turkish horn towels. The Papatya Bloom brand can add style and functionality to any room. Tassels and elegant patterns can be found in each towel, ensuring you keep up with today’s trends. If you are looking for towels that will last, browse Papatya Bloom’s inventory today.

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