Yoga Balls: What are They for and How to Select the Right One for You

by | Mar 23, 2017 | Shopping

Yoga balls have grown in popularity exponentially over the last decade. They were once relegated to use only in the gym as exercise balls but today you can find them everywhere. They are being used in offices as desk chairs to help keep staff members focused. Studies indicate that yoga balls are a great option for core strengthening, improving balance and reducing fatigue for people that must sit for long periods. Of course, they are still very much in use in the gyms and studios! Choosing the right size ball is critical to getting all you can out of using the yoga balls.

Choosing the Right Size Ball

The first step in finding the right fit is to get out the tape measure and measure your height. Some experts recommend your measure from a seated position but that can be a little difficult. Knowing exactly how tall you are is the first step to choosing a ball. Balls come in 5 different diameters, so knowing your exact height is vital to making the right choice. Here are some “rules of thumb” when it comes to selecting the right size ball:

  • 5 foot and below go for the 45-cm ball
  • 5 foot to 5 foot 3 inches go for the 55cm ball
  • 5 foot 4 to 6 foot inches go for the 65cm ball
  • Over 6 foot the 75cm or the 85cm ball is ideal

The above guidelines can be adjusted to fit your needs. While your height is a good jumping off point in selecting a ball that is right for your body, your body type also must be considered. For example, if you are overweight you will want to go up a size, and if your legs are short than you will want to go down one size to accommodate.

Select a Company that has Made It Their Business to Provide Quality Yoga Products

When searching for a place to purchase your ball from, you want to find a company that is devoted to providing their customers with high-quality yoga products. Whether you are looking for yoga balls for your studio or to use at home,  offers you a large selection of products at wholesale price. Their friendly staff is ready to help you find the right ball today to ensure you are fully satisfied with your order.

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