How an Airsoft Grenade Launcher May Help You in War Games

During real-life war events, the element of surprise normally decides the fate of the warring parties. One has more chances of victory while the other will end up counting their losses and licking their wounds, so to speak. This is also true in wargames played with Airsoft guns. An Airsoft grenade launcher can probably make all the difference between your team winning or losing.


Before your game commences, spend some quality time with your teammates and plan a strategy as to where and when you will introduce your Airsoft grenade launcher in the wargame. If your team works on the big element of surprise when your opposition is least expecting it, your team is sure to win.

Ensure that the grenade launcher is primed, loaded and ready to inflict maximum damage to the enemy when the correct time arrives.

Grenade Launcher

Grenade launchers of this type don’t work the same way a real grenade does. Once an Airsoft grenade is launched from the launcher, it does not explode like the conventional ones you see at the movies. Rather, it shoots several BB pellets in a 360 degrees taking out your enemies in all directions. A few grenades strategically launched is all it will take to weaken and decimate your enemy team and assure you of victory.

Your frontline mates can then engage in hand to hand combat or use their shorter-range guns to finish off the remaining enemy.

Your Supplier

At Airsoft GI you will be able to purchase your own Airsoft grenade launcher that you can use to spring the element of surprise on your enemy. These launchers can certainly help your team in your wargames in a big way.

They have retail stores in California, Virginia, and Texas, but everything they sell, you will find online. You are welcome to contact them by phone on (909) 869-0671 in CA, (804) 447-3334 in VA, (469) 362-8779 in TX.

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