Emergency Vehicles: What Do Those Lights Mean?

by | Mar 8, 2017 | Shopping

What are emergency vehicles?

Emergency vehicles are typically used for responding to emergency situations. These include vehicles like a fire truck, ambulance or police squad car, says the New York State. These often come with emergency lights for cars:

What do those lights mean?

Knowing what those lights mean makes it easier for you to know what’s going on and to act appropriately. Here’s a guide to what those flashing lights mean when you see them on the road:

  • Flashing blue light – This means that a volunteer fire fighter is on the way to an emergency call.

  • Flashing green light – this means that a volunteer ambulance member is on the way to an emergency call.

  • Flashing amber light – this means that a hazard vehicle is in the middle of a dangerous operation. This is often seen in snowplows, tow trucks and utility company vehicles that are out, responding to a call for emergency repairs.

Planning to install these lights?

If you plan on installing and using these lights, though, know that you will need to need to get permission from an authorized office for which you plan on volunteering for. Anyone who displays and uses these lights without permission and documentation will be subject to penalties. Check with your state to see what those penalties or violations are.

Where to shop for those lights?

Here are a few shopping tips to guide you along while you look for emergency lights for cars:

  • Find a credible supplier. There’s nothing worse than substandard lights that break down on you at the least inopportune times. To keep that from happening, shop from credible suppliers and say goodbye to quality issues.

  • Compare warranties. Before you click on that “buy now” tab, make sure you check out and compare warranty conditions and terms to find the best one.

  • Choose quality service. Go with the company that offers excellent customer service. If their people are helpful and polite, all the more reason to choose that supplier.

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