The Aquamarine Gemstone is Precious to People Who Love Blue

by | Sep 22, 2014 | Jewelry Diamonds

The most popular favorite color in the world is blue, and this makes the aquamarine gemstone a great match for a wide variety of people. The stones can be found in a variety of shades and cuts, which makes them very flexible in their ability to be molded to the particular style that a given wearer wants, while still retaining the tranquil beauty that makes them so popular. It’s the type of gem that can find a beloved space in any set of jewelry, and can work out well for people with a wide range of budgets.

An aquamarine gemstone is relatively forgiving to wear. It gets a 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale, which indicates that it has a fairly good level of hardness. Because of this, it is not particularly prone to scratching and can generally be worn through ordinary daily activities without requiring owners to take a great deal of special care to protect it. If you’re looking to create pieces of jewelry that are suited to actually being worn day after day, this is a gem that can hold up well to the use and still retain a wonderful shine throughout.

The gem has become a great favorite of modern designers, who have been playing with unusual cuts and even using the gem in its uncut state. It’s easy to make it look beautiful, and a wide range of people enjoy wearing it because its very popular color can match well into almost any wardrobe and look good against any skin tone as well. it also tends to be easy to work with, because inclusions are relatively rare compared to closely related gems like the emerald.

Buying Gemstones from Surat diamond Jewellery is a great way of taking complete control over what your jewelry looks like, or getting started on designing pieces that you sell to others. When you select the actual gem, rather than a finished piece, you have the chance to choose precisely what you want, including the color and color, rather than being limited by what is available in a setting that is also attractive to you.

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