Tips for Choosing Gold Class Rings

by | Sep 17, 2014 | Jewelry

When you are about to graduate from high school, there is no greater honor than being able to order your class ring. Your class ring should embody your personal style and be a piece of jewelry you will be proud to wear for many years to come. If you are getting ready to purchase your class ring, this information will assist you in knowing what to look for, so you can make the best choice for your purchase.

* First of all, you need to make a decision on which style of class ring you want. Traditional rings slightly resemble super bowl rings. In the past, there were very few styles available, outside of the traditional. You simply chose whether you wanted gold or silver and gave information on your birthstone. Today, the sky is the limit on the different styles available. Some of them do not even resemble the traditional class rings and look more like engagement rings. Consider looking through a variety of styles, before you make a final choice. Remember, this needs to be a ring you will want to wear twenty years from now.

* Many people choose Gold Class Rings, but there are a variety of precious metals you can choose from. Platinum, silver and gold are all good choices. Never choose gold or silver toned rings, as they will begin to degrade over time and will not last like precious metals. If you truly cannot afford a precious metal ring, make sure you ask about alternatives that will give you the same look and feel, such as stainless steel alloys.

* Once you have chosen your metal, you need to choose your stone. Traditionally, people have always chosen their birth stone, but now it is acceptable to choose from many stones. You can choose your favorite color or choose a stone that matches your school colors. You can also choose different cuts, to make your class ring even more unique.

If you are ready to purchase your class ring, contact J. Jenkins Sons Co. They will provide you with the best in class ring designs and craftsmanship, so you can have a ring you will treasure forever. Through your class ring, you can always remember your high school days. Visit for more information.

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