Bathtime Basics Wrapped Up in a Bathtime Gift Set

by | Feb 21, 2013 | Gifts

Everyone needs a bath, including infants and toddlers. However, any mother can tell you that giving a small child a bath can be stressful. First, mothers worry about keeping their newborn’s skin clean without stripping natural oils. Once the child is able to sit up, bathing time can get much more challenging. Toddlers are notorious for squirming, splashing and playing while mom is merely trying to make sure the baby gets clean! When she is able to reach for the terrycloth hooded towel, you can be sure she will silently thank you for the bathtime gift set.

Bathtime gift sets are one of the best gifts you can give a new mother. While she may have plenty of onesies, bibs and baby blankets, there is a good chance she is short on hooded baby bath towels, infant slippers and washcloths. The bathtime gift set includes all of these items that are packaged in reusable box that can be used for storing other baby items in the nursery.

Keeping Baby Warm

Learning to give an infant a bath is just one of the many responsibilities of mothers. Newborns are usually sponge bathed until the umbilical cord stump finally falls off. The sponge bath requires a soft towel placed on a flat surface, on which you place the baby. Using plain water, the tiny baby can be gently cleaned with water and a terrycloth washcloth. Once the baby is clean, it is time to wrap the infant in the hooded towel to keep him or her warm.

Once the baby can sit up, it is time to start giving baths in a baby bathtub. The tub is filled with just enough water to cover the baby’s legs. To keep the baby’s attention occupied while giving him or her a bath, a toy can be added to the water. In fact, if you are giving a new mother a bathtime gift set, you can also give her appropriate bathtime toys. The toys can ease some of the stress of trying to balance soap, washcloth, squirming baby and splashing water.

Keeping Baby Soothed

There are other gifts that can make bathtime easier also. For example, playing baby music CDs during bathtime can soothe the baby who gets anxious during hair washing. Hanging something familiar on the wall where bathtime is held can be comforting also because it is recognized. Therefore, another gift that can be added to the bathtime set is colorful artwork, personalized tile or name plaque.

Bathtime is much less traumatic when mom has everything needed to make the experience go as smoothly as possible. If you are looking for a gift that will be appreciated for a long time, give a bathtime gift set or a gift basket filled with bathtime supplies. A successful bathtime only takes a warm towel, warm water and a warm, loving mother. You can take care of the baby gifts. Mom can take care of the washing and hugs.

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