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by | Feb 26, 2013 | Jewelry

The best selection of diamonds Hattiesburg means finding that personal piece of jewelry that you or someone you love will enjoy for years to come. There are so many amazing styles of diamonds Hattiesburg for you to choose from whether the stone is for yourself or for a loved one.

Popular Diamond Styles

1. Micro diamond band rings.

2. Petal style diamond rings.

3. Floating diamond necklace.

4. Diamond stud earrings.

The micro diamond band ring has taken off for both weddings bands and just a plain band to wear on a daily basis. The micro diamond band ring has major sparkle and looks great when stacked with other styles of rings or on its own. The micro diamond band ring works with yellow, white or rose gold. The micro diamond band ring is also ideal for those who want subtle sparkle. You can easily mix metals when stacking micro diamond band rings.

Petal style diamond rings are popular for wedding rings or cocktail rings. The awesome thing about petal style diamond rings is you can go small or large. Even small petal style diamond rings show off the intricate designs. Petal style diamond rings can range from small, rounded petals to long pointed petals. Petal style diamond rings often have colored gemstone embellishments.

Floating diamond necklaces create that wearable sparkle that most women will feel like wearing every single day. The floating diamond necklace delicately sits at the collarbone and looks chic in any size. It’s a go-to piece of jewelry that many women will enjoy as a gift. If you are getting yourself something because of a promotion or other milestone in your life, a floating diamond necklace is a wearable piece that you will find yourself reaching for over and over again.

Diamond stud earrings are always a winner when choosing diamond jewelry. Focus on cut and clarity for diamond stud earrings. You want them to sparkle beautifully, which means you should concentrate on the quality of the stone versus the size. Small diamond stud earrings look elegant, while larger diamond studs make a serious statement. Many women find having both sizes in their jewelry collection ideal since they can wear each pair depending on the occasion.

All of the above make a great option for a diamond jewelry gift. Every woman loves to shine, which is why diamonds are a girl’s best friend.


Diamonds Hattiesburg Visit  for a large selection of both trendy and classic diamond jewelry styles. You’re sure to find something fabulous for your collection.

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