Where Can You Buy Electronic Cigarettes?

by | Jul 4, 2012 | Electronics

With all the buzz about e-cigs, many people are wondering where is the best place to buy electronic cigarettes. Currently these alternatives to traditional cigarettes are available through a variety of retailers online and offline. It may be difficult to find cartridges and starter kits at the local gas station or supermarket, but you can easily find where to buy electronic cigarettes at the local smoke shop or through online retailers. There are several options available for consumers today.

Smoking Outlet – Most people choose to get cigarettes from a smoking outlet in order to save money on the cost per pack. Depending on which state you live in, the taxes on cigarettes can be substantial. Smoking outlets typically carry all forms of smoking paraphernalia including kits to roll your own cigarettes and starter kits for electronic cigarettes. You will be able to find the best deal to buy electronic cigarettes at any of these locations.

Reservations – Native American reservations are another place to buy electronic cigarettes at a discounted price. Due to the variances in tax laws and sales guidelines that apply to reservations, these facilities are able to offer their consumers are more affordable option for cigarettes and other cigarette paraphernalia.

Direct from the manufacturer – Electronic cigarette manufacturers sell all of their products directly through their websites. This is often the preferred option for anyone who is particular on flavors or features in a product. You can easily browse through the selection and gain more information and reviews about the products that are being offered to consumers.

Online Retailers – The final place to buy electronic cigarettes is through online retailers. There are dozens of websites that are focused on providing consumers with different types of electronic cigarettes, cartridges and other accessories such as cases and replacement LED lights. You can easily compare and contrast the different options as well as what is available to you within your price range.

If you want to buy electronic cigarettes then you have many options. Browse through the available companies and determine which the best for your needs is. You can choose from dozens of flavors and looks of your electronic cigarettes. The growth of consumers who wish to buy electronic cigarettes comes from the perceived healthier alternative and also the more cost effective nature of this device. While the truth about whether or not e-cigs are healthier for the user is still up for debate, the product is definitely safer for those around smokers and more affordable. While the initial startup cost of electronic cigarettes can seem steep, ranging from $100. To $200, the long term cost is less than the cost of one pack per month for the average smoker.

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