Things To Know About Your Commercial Popcorn Machine

by | Jul 7, 2012 | Gifts

One of the things that draw a crowd at every event is the popcorn machine. The larger the popcorn machine the more popcorn you can make and sell. In most cases, people will want to buy a commercial size popping machine like you would see in a movie theatre because everyone loves theatre popcorn. If you are looking to buy a machine of this nature you will find there are quite a few different models and types of machines on the market. It is important to understand that a commercial popping machine is very different than a small store bought machine and each commercial popper can be different from the next. Outlined below are some things that you need to know about your commercial popcorn machine before buying it.

When you are thinking about buying a commercial popcorn machine you need to take into consideration where you will using the machine and how many people you will be serving at one time. Let’s say for example that you buy a five ounce popping machine. This machine is able to pop five ounces of popcorn every three minutes and one ounce is an individual serving of popcorn. If you use this machine constantly for one hour you are able to pop enough to serve about one hundred people each hour. This is a lot of popcorn to be making and selling. There are times when people will want more than one ounce so you will need to allow for this as well.

If you know that you will never serve one hundred people per hour you might want to look into getting a smaller commercial popcorn machine or you might not need one at all. There is a large cost associated with purchasing a commercial grade machines and in addition to the purchase price it also takes a lot of money to run the machine and keep your popcorn in stock. You will need to consider employing people to help you make and serve the popcorn as you cannot do it all yourself.

The size and type of the popcorn machine that you choose to buy should also depend on where you will be using it. If you are planning to use the popper outside you need to ensure that there are places to plug it in and if it’s permitted in the space that you wish to sell your popcorn. There are not many problems with outside locations. The problems do arise when you are trying to use your commercial size machine inside a private building. If you have to rent a space the popcorn machine might not meet all fire codes. There are also some buildings that will require you to obtain a permit in order to use your machine. While these things may not seem important, they are certainly things that need to be taken into consideration before you rush out and buy a commercial popcorn machine.


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