Buying Men’s CrossFit Shirts – A Brief Guide

by | Dec 17, 2015 | Clothing

CrossFit is one of the most grueling and challenging fitness programs out there. It is generally followed by policemen, members of the military, and fitness athletes all over the globe. The company was originally founded by Lauren Jenai and Greg Glassman. Today, there are more than 10,000 gyms all over the world that practice CrossFit, both as a fitness philosophy and as a fitness sport. However, if you are looking to get into CrossFit, there are several things that you will need. Apart from getting a membership to a CrossFit gym, you will also need the right apparel.


Men’s CrossFit shirts are available at plenty of fitness clothing stores. These shirts are generally made from polyester and other sweat-absorbing materials. In addition to full-sleeved shirts, you can also choose from half-sleeved and sleeveless shirts. The most common fabric materials used in men’s CrossFit shirts include cotton, polyester, and Lycra.

Many people often give up on CrossFit very quickly. Wearing the right clothes could have a major impact on your training and performance in the gym. Rather than wearing the same boring clothes all the time, getting the right fitness clothing could actually motivate you to do better. Here are some common designs that you will find on most CrossFit Shirts:


Having an inspiring quote blazed right on the chest is always a great way to keep yourself motivated. Many CrossFit shirts now feature quotes from inspiring individuals who have managed to overcome adversity when the chips were down. There’s no doubt that you will need a lot of motivation when doing CrossFit. The program includes exercises such as tire flipping and intense strength training, which will use up every ounce of strength in your body. Having a quote emblazoned on the chest is a great way to remind yourself why you are doing this.


Many men’s CrossFit shirts also feature pictures and other relatable designs. These designs invoke wearers to do better and train harder in the gym. Most men’s shirts are available in a variety of different colors. You can choose from standard colors such as red, yellow, blue, black and many others. Most shirts retail for under $30, so they are not very expensive either.

Investing in your gym apparel is a great way to keep yourself motivated. Once you buy a few shirts, you will obviously want to try them out. People often consider it a way of “cheating” their brains to go to the gym. You can buy men’s shirts online or from your local store. However, make sure you inspect the quality of the fabric carefully when buying your gym shirts and shorts.

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