CO2 Airsoft Pistols – The Evolution of Fun

When you talk about airguns, there are two images that generally come to mind—the cocking BB rifle and the CO2 pistol. Both are still around, although they have definitely evolved.

All CO2 operated pistol and revolver from Airsoft GI in particular has changed quite a bit, particularly with the introduction of Airsoft technology, and they are much more entertaining now than they ever were in the past.

Not Your Grandpa’s CO2 Pistol

If you ever used an old CO2 pistol, you probably remember that they had some issues. They didn’t always look or feel completely realistic and there were always CO2 problems. You would put the CO2 cartridge in the cradle and turn the little wheel and it would never completely line up right and it always seemed like half your CO2 was gone before you ever pulled the trigger the first time. On modern CO2 Pistols Airsoft guns, the CO2 pops in easier with less hassle and less leakage to let you maximize every cartridge. The guns look and feel real, right down to the slight kick when fired, and they pack a pretty good punch too. Best of all, the Airsoft projectile makes these weapons safer than anything your grandpa ever carried.

Why CO2 Pistols are Awesome

What is your favorite pistol? Is it the Walther P99, the Desert Eagle, or perhaps the classic Smith and Wesson revolver? There are CO2 Airsoft pistols modeled after each of these, and just about any other handgun you ever wanted to see up close and personal. And with CO2 pistols, there’s no pumping, priming, and very little prep of any kind—you pretty much just point and shoot. For that matter, you can keep on shooting, because CO2 guns are usually semi-automatic and often carry more shots than the guns they are modeled after. The CO2 cartridges are cheaper than the green gas alternative, and often easier to find. CO2 guns also often fire at a higher rate of FPS than green gas guns and deliver a more powerful shot too. When playing war games, the CO2 pistol is the perfect secondary weapon, easy to carry, but yet able to deliver the quick punch when you need it – and still it shoots accurately enough for target shooting fun.

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