What You Need To Know When Ordering Youth Championship Rings

Ordering Youth Championship Rings for an entire team can be kind of time consuming, but well worth it. Knowing what information you will need to place the order will take some of the stress out of the process. Here, you will learn about the options and what you will need to know to successfully order a team’s worth of Youth Championship Rings.
What metal do you want the rings to be made of? In most cases, you will have a choice between different karats of yellow and white gold, sterling silver, and yellow or white palisil. In most cases, the most affordable option is white palisil, so if you are working on a tight budget, that would be the best choice for you.

What symbol do you want on the ring? In many cases, sports teams prefer to have a baseball, basketball, football or other picture that symbolizes the sport that they participate in. As you work your way through the order form, you will be given an opportunity to choose the design that you want on the rings.

What wording do you want on the rings? Custom wording is placed at the top, sides, and bottom of the rings. This gives you ample room to customize the ring with the year, team name and even the player’s name if you choose to do so. When ordering a large number of rings, talk with the jeweler about getting a discount on the customization fees. You may find that if you order a certain number of identical rings, you get a discount on the customization costs.

Do you want to include stones in the design of the rings? Maybe you would like to include the team colors in stones. This is a feature that is available at an additional fee in most cases. Again, talk with the jeweler about the fees associated with this feature.

For the best results, talk with the team, the parents, and J. Jenkins jeweler about your Team Youth Championship Rings. These are rings that the kids will all be proud to wear now and into the future. Visit https://www.jjenkinssonscoinc.com for more information.

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