Fashion Umbrellas for the Fashionista

Fashion umbrellas are basically umbrellas that are designed for people who care about being fashionable. They are mostly carried outside while walking in rainy weather.

Color and Pattern Options

Some people like to use fashion umbrellas to complement their outfit and not just for using in the rain. These types of umbrellas have trendy patterns and fun designs that people of all ages will love. The choices include, but are not limited to, animal prints, ruffled edges, polka dots, two-toned colors, and floral prints. The patterns and color options are abundant and are sure to add pizzazz to a rainy day.

Lace and ruffles add enchantment and exude sophistication and elegance. Floral umbrellas can match summer dresses or even brightly colored outfits. You can choose from dainty flower prints or large floral designs like yellow sunflowers. These types are attractive and will liven up any rainy summer day.

Some like to stay with traditional colors that will complement most types of clothing. If you have a flare for fun, you could try the two-toned umbrella, with one color on the outside and a different one on the inside. Tiny, understated polkas dots work well for the dainty at heart while animal prints appeal to those who have affection for friends that are furry or found in the zoo.

Shapes and Sizes

These types of umbrellas come in all shapes and sizes. A typical, sleek umbrella is usually about 35 inches in length and when opened has a 46-inch arc. This type and size is perfect for good coverage in inclement weather. You can choose straight or curved handles that are made from coated plastic or wood. A good umbrella will usually have a steel shaft with a polyester canopy. Compact umbrellas are great for people who prefer a shorter shaft and want to store them in a briefcase or large tote bag.

Fashion Umbrellas Offer Protection

If protection from the sun, and not just the rain, is what you want, these umbrellas will do the trick. They most often have UV protective features and will offer protection from those harmful UV rays and their damaging effects. Most have wind-resistant parts that prevent the canopy from turning inside out from excessive wind.

With so many choices of colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes, you can most certainly find perfect fashion umbrellas that will suit your unique personality and make a fashion statement. Fashion umbrellas are most often lightweight and convenient to use whether you are going to the mall, office or walking in the park.

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