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Portable Trade Show Displays: Nine Types Available

by | May 18, 2015 | Shopping and Product Reviews

Portable trade show displays are crucial for expos and exhibits, but most people don’t realize that nine types are available, making it confusing when they decide to buy one. Pop-up, panel, and truss are just a few of the options you can consider.


Pop-up varieties have a solid back and use a frame that opens up using an accordion style, which allows the fabric and panels to be added, creating a large fabric wall. Monitor holders, shelves, and lights can also be used.


Truss systems are named because of their framework and add structure and stability to the exhibit. They also include a lot of design variety, as well. The framework can be colored or covered with many options, such as graphics, chairs, podiums and more.


A panel system offers more structure and can be turned into pop-ups or other large booths, allowing you to customize it to your needs. You can also use the panel variety to make large islands. However, they can be somewhat difficult to set up.


Hybrid varieties offer modern looks by using dye cut panels, metal extrusion, counters and graphics, among others. They can help you stand out from the rest of the booths and are slightly more difficult to set up than a pop up.

Tension Fabric

A tension fabric display uses extrusion and aluminum poles, along with fabric that stretches wide to create a beautiful display or wall. Accessories such as shelves, lighting and monitor mounts can also be used.


A hanging display can be perfect to bring your name above the crowd so that everyone knows where you are. Pillow-case graphic attachment is used and can come in squares, rings, pyramids and other shapes. However, you’ll need help getting it on the ceiling of the trade show.


Tents are the perfect way to be a little different than others and can include your logo all over it. Your space will seem more enclosed and inviting to potential clients.

Pipe and Drape

The pipe and drape display is considered a framework made of fabric drapes and connected pipes. This option is used by many and is easy to set up. You can have anything printed on the drapes and hang graphics or anything else you want.


Banners can be a small and helpful way of getting you attention though they are typically used in conjunction with other display booths.

Portable trade show displays are available in many varieties. Browse Exhibit Wholesale’s website to find options that will work for your needs and budget today.

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